Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

FFM receives many questions about adoption and we have tried to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions here. We encourage you to do your own intensive research on the subject and also to visit the Forever Family Ministries blog for information and articles relating to adoptive parents and their journey to complete their forever families.

General Adoption Questions:

  • What is a Home Study?

The Home Study process varies from State to State but it is a necessary step along the path to becoming adoptive parents. Essentially the Home Study process, evaluates the fitness of prospective adoptive families and prepares applicants for the role of adoptive parenthood. It also furnishes the social worker or agency with information about the adoptive family that will allow the best child match to be found.

  • How Much Will a Home Study Cost?

In some cases, such as a domestic adoption through the foster care service a Home Study may cost nothing at all. Where there is a charge in these circumstances it is likely to be minimal – and certainly under $600 or so.

However, a Home Study conducted by a certified social worker or private adoption agency  might cost up to $3000. While cost alone should not be the deciding factor in choosing which route to take, it crucial that you understand the fees and charges along each step of the adoption process.

  • How will my life change after I adopt?

We will be reporting on this on our blog and plan to update this answer soon.

  • How much will adoption cost?

There are different for domestic vs. international, and also depending on state versus private adoptions.  The range is generally $10k – $30k and up (lawyers fees can add, etc.)

  • What about the ethnicity factor?  

It is a good thing for prospective adoptive parents to learn about your adoptive child’s cultural background and traditions.  We will be reporting on this on our blog and plan to update this answer soon.

  • What other services does your organization provide?

In addition to funding assistance for adoption, we also offer fundraising, education, and reference information for adoptions.  Additionally, we have gifted public speakers that would be available to discuss the adoption process and life-changing journey at your events and in any sized venue.

  • What ways are there for me to support your organization?

You can send a donation, work with us to have a group, church or company become a sponsor, and we are open to other creative ways to support the cause.  See our donation page, and please contact us with questions and suggestions.

  • What are the adoption agencies you recommend, and are there any limitations for which ones we might use?  

We are currently reviewing agencies and services and will publish a preferred list soon.

  • What are some other things I should know about the adoption process and caring for adopted children?

We will publish regular articles here and also plan to offer downloadable guides on this subject.