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Adoption Grants and Loans for Adoptive Families

Do you feel that your family is incomplete? Are you embarking on the process of adoption but have no immediate idea where the funding for your adoption is going to come from? As a religious family perhaps you put your faith in the Lord to guide you on this emotional journey.

Forever Family Ministries, enables families with strong values to meet the financial burden of bringing an orphan home. We are not money lenders in the traditional sense of the word. We ask only that in receiving a loan from FFM towards your adoption that you accept it to be a ‘covenant loan’ that is, an agreement between us, yourself and God.

No-Interest Adoption  Loans

So many adoptive families start out on their journey with hopeful hearts and excitement only to find that the cost of adoption is simply too much for them to handle.

No-interest adoption grants and loans from Forever Family Ministries can help you overcome this financial obstacle and enable orphans and adoptees to finally find their forever families.